Update password - group error

When I tried to change existed password, I got error:

    "group_id": {
        "type": "The group_id is not a valid string."

I’ve got this error only in one group. In other groups I can update password and I can create password for this group without problem.

Our Passbolt is on docker on external server.

Hi @Marta :wave: and welcome to passbolt community forum :people_holding_hands:

Can you follow this documentation for docker troubleshooting.

Once connected in your container as www-data user and the PASSBOLT_GPG_SERVER_KEY_FINGERPRINT environment variable created, can you run and post here a healthcheck and datacheck ?

Can you also run a cleanup:

./bin/cake passbolt cleanup

And a cache clear:

./bin/cake cache clear_all

Thank you for your answers, it will give us a clearer picture on your problem.

Best regards,

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Hi @_jc

Thanks a lot for your immediate reply. I followed these steps, run the cleanup, and that solves my problem.

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Wow, great :slight_smile: Thank you for your feedback.