Whats the passbolt path to the files?

Hello i have installed lastpass on my new server (id.rubin1.si) and i did not find the pasbolt files. Where the default path? Im using nginx, ubuntu 22.04 and i followed the installation instructions on the original passbolt website. Aaaand the files are not in /var/www/passbolt… (theres no passbolt folder in /var/www).
Well where are these files stored?
I amasking couse i would like manually add a new language, couse its not supported yet. How can i add a new language to passbolt?

Hi @prubi Regarding the translation, we use crowdin - if you do not see the language on the list - which one would you like added? Someone on the team can help add it for you.

Regarding installation I’m assuming you installed the package so files are found in the following locations:
/etc/passbolt - config files
/usr/share/php/passbolt - served files
/var/log/passbolt - log files

Also NGINX gets installed with config files there.

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