Whats the state of autofill for the android app?

I am currently trying to make autofill work on the android app but it does not seem to work with any browser (tried vivaldi, chrome and firefox mobile versions). On chrome I at least get the popup asking me to get the information from passbot, but once selecting the passwort to use it just closes and does not input any password.
On Firefox and Vivaldi I do not even get a popup (though that might be those browser not correctly supporting android autofill).

So: Is this currently to be expected? Or could there be something I could try to make it at least work with chrome?

Hi @Nutellaeis and welcome to passbolt community forum.

Can you check if autofill service is correctly set to passbolt on your Android settings ? There is a FAQ page about how to check it on Android: Passbolt Help | How to disable your browser/mobile built-in password manager

Your issue occurs on all websites or only on a specific one ?


Thanks for the quick reply. My settings were already set as shown in the tutorial. I tried with 3 different websites (Amazon, Goggle and Doodle). The issue is the same with all 3.


I tried with amazon and have the same behavior as you. Mobile team has been informed about this, I will keep you posted.


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