Account recovery does not detect plugin installation

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A user of mine got its Chrome cleaned (no extension, no cookies, nothing)
He went to the Passbolt interface and ask for a recovery. When he was asked to install the plugin, he done so, and then, nothing (we have this page)

We tried different browsers, others accounts, we still have this issue.
No logs in the js console
The server logs give this : INFO reaped unknown pid 2353

We run passbolt in a docker container, behind a reverse proxy with a self-signed certificate

Passbolt server version: 3.6.0
Passbolt plugin version: 3.6.2

Hi @bguyl_stg :wave: and welcome to passbolt community forum :people_holding_hands:

We have a known issue with latest extension when server gpg key contains multiple entities.

Can you have a look at this announce and let us know if you are affected ?


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Thanks for the quick answer, it was indeed this issue !

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