Extension doesn't open login window

Passbolt is installed on a dedicated server. After installing the extension in the Chrom browser, following the link to my Passbolt does not open the login and password entry window. All the same asks to put the extension.
What could be the problem? This problem occurs on three laptops with different versions of Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Hi @lunahod Welcome to the forum!

Is this a new install or previous?

Please provide your system information:
– Server operating system name and version
– Web server name and version
– Database server name and version
– Php version
– Passbolt version

And what path is showing in the url when you are not reaching your site?

More information like this is needed, thanks.

It’s previous install.
OS Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Web server - Nginx 1.14.0
Database - MariaDB 10.3
php - 7.2
passbolt - passbolt 2.8.3
passbolt and DB in Docker
URL is https://*my.domen.com/auth/login

Passbolt all time asks to install extension in Chrome

You are running an old version. See here Extension google chrome not detected when using passbolt api v2 - #12 by cedric

Do I need to update Passbolt?

Unless you have a good reason not to, we recommend it, yes. Just a heads up - when changing versions from 2.x to 2.x we call it an update. 2.x to 3.x is an “upgrade”. Follow the instructions that were linked in the previous post.

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