False successfully installed

Hi everyone,
I just tried to installed passbolt on a fresh debian 11 running the documentation, everything went fine and at the end it installed successfully with the message.
Well done! visit http://pass.mydomain.com to finish the installation.
However, if i try to open the browser nothing happen, just a blank page. Wondering what the issue might be.
PS: Running on a local proxmox enviroment.

thank you in advanced.

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Hello @shootify

Can you confirm that you have binded the matching domain name to the ip address on your main machine inside the hosts file?

the issue was the domain name… its up and running… time to check this around.
just one last question: wil it auto renew the lestencrypt ssl? thanks

I am glad it works.

You will need to manually renew your certificate.

The recommended way is to run sudo dpkg-reconfigure passbolt-ce-server and fill the full path of your new certificates as it is explained here

is there any way to automate it?

@shootify I think he meant if you change your domain you will need to manually re-configure the settings for the new domain. The process has an option for Auto renewal.

hi Garrett, thanks for your reply, but would you please tell me where is that option? i dont recall seeing it during installation (i might be wrong).
Another question i have is how to properly import from csv with TOTP. I used vaultwarden and trying to move over this app. thanks for the help.

Edited: Wait this software Does Not support TOTP for websites? oh No… :frowning:

As @antony was saying, it’s done on the command line:

I thought there was a auto renew, anyways do you know if TOTP is coming for the CE? There are a lot of websites where you have to enable this in order to use it,

There is:

Any news about TOTP for CE?

Not since 12 days ago As a user, I want the ability to add entries which have TOTP keys such as GitHub / Amazon (2FA/MFA) - #19 by remy

I saw you posted on that thread and figured you saw it already.