Issue when logging in with passbolt API v1.6.10 and extension v2.0.8

I am still getting the same error as in this thread (however, that thread was closed).

Version issue: update the server.

The API is not compatible with this plugin version.
Your passbolt administrator need to update passbolt backend to use the latest API version.

API: v1.6.10 / Plugin: v2.0.8 

Browser: FireFox 60.0

That thread suggests, that the issue is fixed with the newest 1.6.x version and the newest extension version - however I am still experiencing this. Is there no other way, other than updating to 2.x?

The issue was about not being able to log in after closing the popup. Are you able to login?
You can remove the popup by removing the section outlined in the previous thread.

Oh, I see, thank you. I am able to login, yes :slight_smile:

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