Not receiving emails from app

Hi team,

We are using passbolt community edition and only I am not recieving emails(spam & junk are also checked) for verification or to login, all others in my organization are receiving emails.

I have tried by deleting my user account and added again still no luck.

Even there are no pending or unsent mails when checked with O365 admin

Can you please suggest me something on this issue?.

Krishna Daita

Generally if it has been a while on a thread and the topic is different from the initial post it is better to make a new post with your issue.

For this email issue the best way to check is going to be to log into the database and run the following query
select email, subject, error, created, sent from email_queue;

And then look for the errors associated with your email address

@krishnadaita I have created a new thread for your question.

Hi Garrett,

Still not receiving emails.

Krishna Daita

@krishnadaita What are the results from the guidance given by @clayton?

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